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The National Memorial to An Gorta Mór is located in Philadelphia Pa, USA. This memorial commemorates the struggle and pain of those Irish who fled their homeland in the face of a hunger of catastrophic proportions. It celebrates their courage that forged an enduring link between Ireland and America.

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How We Choose to Remember….

Across the world there exists a vast continuum of recollection reflected in Ireland's Great Hunger art and story.

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Review of Black ‘47

It’s finally here! Black ‘47 is playing at the Roxy Theatre in Philadelphia. Get tickets to see this groundbreaking film that follows one man’s quest for revenge.


My hand trembles as I write this... Eyewitness Accounts of The Great Hunger

Famine Pot

It’s sole purpose was to feed the starving population...

Share Your Story

We would like to preserve the stories of the Irish experience...

How do you choose to remember The Great Hunger? At the 13th annual St. Patrick’s Society Lecture, #MargaretKelleher spoke about the challenges of remembering such a devastating event and the memorials that commemorate it. Click on the link to read more!
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Black ‘47 is finally playing at the Roxy Theatre in Philadelphia! To see a groundbreaking film that follows one man’s search for revenge, set during Ireland’s Great Hunger, get your tickets at: #black47 #greathunger #philly #ireland #movietwit IrishMemorialPH photo

Thank You #ColonelKennethMDeTreux for your many years of service to the U.S Navy Marine Corp. and congratulations on your retirement! We are honored that you chose #TheIrishMemorial as the venue to celebrate with your family, along with over 250 friends and relatives. IrishMemorialPH photo

Heading to Ireland? See #ComingHome: Art and The Great Hunger #WestCorkArtsCentre #SkibbereenCork #TomaMcCullim His piece about 110 Irish girls sent to Australia in 1848 #spoons IrishMemorialPH photo

Unfortunately, due to unexpected events, the Flag Raising & Annual Mass Event has been canceled. IrishMemorialPH photo

Quinnipiac University’s Great Hunger Museum collection of art is now a traveling exhibit around Ireland. This major undertaking aims to strengthen the deep cultural connection between Ireland and its diaspora by showcasing the largest collection of Great Hunger artworks. IrishMemorialPH photo