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The Irish Memorial of Philadelphia is proud to have been chosen the host of the 2016  International Great Hunger Commemoration. Since 2009, the Irish government has sponsored annual joint commemorations of An Gorta Mor, which led to the deaths of more than a million people in mid-19th century Ireland. One is held in Ireland, the other in a city that opened its arms to some of the more than 1 million refugees who fled Ireland between 1845 and 1852.

This Commemoration pays tribute to those who died, suffered or fled the starvation. It also raises awareness of the problem of chronic hunger, which now affects more than 1 billion  people worldwide.

With that in mind, the Irish Memorial is sponsoring an opportunity for visitors to participate in the Hibernian Hunger Project, a national program of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, started in Philadelphia, that provides food for the needy. Our 4-day event will also bring in experts from around the world to help local teachers, students, and the public to learn more about this  watershed event in Irish and American history.