Photos of celebration at the memorial site

School Visits

School visits are welcome and encouraged. The Monument itself is a narrative, an historical presentation depicting the starvation in Ireland; the people embarking for America; the voyage and finally the immigrants arriving in Philadelphia.

This history lesson is further enhanced by the eight Information Stations that surround the monument. The first four tell of conditions in Ireland leading to the starvation. The last four describe: the perilous voyage to America on “coffin ships;”  the often hostile reception the immigrants received; the major contributions to the growth of our State and Country made by the Irish and lastly, the lessons to be learned from The Great Hunger.

To enhance the learning experience and make the experience fun for students, teachers may wish to organize a Scavenger Hunt. Click here to download Scavenger Hunt List.

The site can be experienced as a self-guided tour but volunteers may also be available to conduct guided tours. If you would like to request a volunteer for your visit (or to become a volunteer) please click here.

For best results please make your requests for a Guide at least two weeks prior to your visit. We look forward to seeing you there.

For Directions and Parking click here.